Breña Natural Park, Costa de Luz, Cádiz, Spain.

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The 3 bungalows in front of the protected Breña Natural Park, Caños de Meca, Cádiz.

The bungalows with their private terraces overseeing the gardens.


Views of the forest from the top terraces of Wabi - Sabi Ecoturism.

Covered porche with gardens views and ocean views top terrace.



The Project:


Wabi - Sabi Ecotourism: is a dream come true!

- underground rain water storage

- waste water recycling

- organic compost

- total absence of concrete or cement foundations.

The 3 bungalows came from France, ready to be used. They are situated in private grounds of 2.000 square meters in front of a huge forest belonging to Breña Natural Park, only 2 miles away from the wild Mangueta beach where activities such as yoga, meditation, taichi, cooking, art or photography can be organized.

So Wabi - Sabi Ecotourism was born in 2.008.




Jimmy Bryant in Mangueta beach, 3000 mts. away from Wabi - Sabi Ecoturism.


Stone walk in the gardens.


Bike e xcursion to the beach, 2 miles away..